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1953 T2 Barndoor with 2006 WRX 2.5L Turbo engine coversion

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 07, 2008 4:14 pm    Post subject: 1953 T2 Barndoor with 2006 WRX 2.5L Turbo engine coversion Reply with quote

Model: 1953 T2 Barndoor, LHD (as all were) East German import

Brakes: CSP Discsup front, EMPI Rear Discs with modified Hand brake cables (someone make some!)

Gearbox: T1 1300 4 speed Swing Axle conv (easy), heavy duty side plates, T1 gearbox mid strap, T1 gearbox bell housing strap, Urethene mounts all round. Kennedy adaptor plate and flywheel, Stage 2 clutch.

Engine: 2006 WRX 2.5L Turbo engine. Few mods inc different induction and others...!

Fuel: Standard Barndoor fuel tank, cut and welded in the complete Subaru systems 3 hose units. Internal fuel pump.

Electrics: Complete Subaru wiring system inc the ECU, Imobolisers, Key, ignition , Clock/rev unit, Diagnostics system and computer for code/live data.

Heating: complete WRX matrix, blower fans etc. Wired to original switches.

Time: 5 months, virtually every saturday and most days after work for an hour, some Sunday time. Estimate 13 hours per week, but working absolutely flat out as time is very valuable to me.

Cost: a lot. Much of it was in my time, but everything done by myself with no help whatsoever - even getting the engine of the crate onto the skateboard and wheeling it around and into the engine bay. All wiring done by myself which was the longest part as is very complicated. Engine cost 1800 (4,000 miles from new ), Adaptor / clutch/fly posted 600 from the US, various other bits that were missing, approx 1000 inc wiring/wire which was exp and the cooling system.

Cooling: This is the part that has caused many problems. Lot of heat on a Turbo engine , particularly when the rads not in the front. I should have cut my losses and just paid for 2 rads and then biult a frame underneath. But as the bus is so low, this is very difficult to acheive and i wasnt comftable with it or without being able to bleed the rad easily - so i opted for the badder idea of mounting it at the back where its servicable, but wrong. Lot of time and money has gone into this, now have 2 3" fans blowing air into the intercooler and turbo area. 2 4" fans sucking air into my air box from the back. 1 additional large cooling fan sucking and moving air over the entire engine bay as im worried about Turbo heat/fuel tank location . 1 way none return veins over the inlets to the forced fresh air pipes on the left and side of the airbox. So when at standstill, they close naturally and also from the 2 4" fans air, so air is then forced through the rad at standstill, offering some constant cooling in traffic. The main fans will turn on if it gets over 2/3 temp and pull more air through. Still testing this system for reliabilty!

Main issues: Loads of problems, but worth it now. This is the first 2.5L new age engine that we know about to be fitted to a VW, so uncharted teritory. I only went for it as it was gteed low miles, if i new it would be a pain , i would have brought a complete older car! much cheaper and damn site easier. Problems were Wiring - about 10 spent on just wire, 70 wires to lengthen in order to use the Cluster/speedo etc - this is a lot of wire to cut, solder and not resolder wrongly!. Money on new relay systems, fuseboxes, other etc to. Manual - there is no manual available bar the Workshop service disc, this isnt ideal, but did prove extermely useful, but only if you can read it. I spent probably 150 hours reading and studying evey aspect once an issue came up (thanks work and lunch breaks!). Weight, its a heavy setup! Cooling - hard to cool unless you have somewhere to mount a large rad. Turbo - much more power, but much more heat and more issues/wiring/pluming.

Good: lovely to drive, super smooth, computer diagnostics are great, loads of power and the dump valve is amazing.

Would I do it again?: I would next time buy a complete car for 1000-2000 for something clean and not mullered. or get rich and pay someone.

Cheers , photos to come!
1953 T1 25hp
1956 T1 30hp
1964 T1 34hp
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